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Northeastern Baitfish . . . and their fly patterns
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Authors and anglers have been writing for years and talking about larger fish and a common expression is: "the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish".  While this is often a correct statement, it doesn't hlod true all of the time.  Big fish do require bigger food, or at least more of it.  Simple put, that is how they got big or, at least, maintain themselves.  And just how big a morsel is utilized by the large predator may surprise the average angler.

With artificials, the question then becomes what to use. This Handbook wil help you make that decision as each baitfish is described and the respective recipes included.

Technical Handbook #3 Published 1998
Pages 56 pages
Size 5.5" x 8.5"
Features Benefits
8 pages color illustrations 37 Original hand-drawn and colored baitfish presented for easier identification

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