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Northeastern Fly Hatches . . . and their Imitations
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The Northeast has a rich and extensive aquatic insect fauna.  From Pennsylvania and New York northward through New England and into the provinces of eastern Canada, most waters contain an abundance of stoneflies, mayflies and caddisflies, along with lesser-known groups.  These insects, particularly in their aquatic stages, provide a major food source for game fish species.  This study treats the Northeastern aquatic fauna comprehensively and presents suitable artificial initiations to assist the angler in pursuit of game fish.

This handbook was designed for those seeking technical information to be used in conjunction with a more detailed identification guide.  Its intent is to catalog the major aquatic species in the Northeast and suggest their imitations.  Major hatches are presented along with suggested, and proven, imitations.

Technical Handbook #1, (5.5" x 8.5") published 1997, 40 Pages

Technical Handbook #1 40 Pages
Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5"
Published 1997

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