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The Original Survey - Why You Need It and How to Get it
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Since the “sole duty, function and power” of the retracement surveyor is to “follow the footsteps” of the original surveyor, it becomes of utmost importance to begin with the original survey.  Finding the original survey, interpreting and locating it on the ground can all be unique challenges.  Occasionally, there is no original survey as such, but the courts have ruled on how to deal with such an anomaly.
Often the practice by the modern “retracement” surveyor is to review the current descriptions, maps, plans and so-called surveys in the neighborhood, then search for any markers in the vicinity.  Any that are found are often accepted at face value as long as they “look ok” and fit within reason with the documents collected.  Those not found need to be set in proper position, which is often done according to the measurements found in various documents.  Relying on these measurements, some of which are mere estimates, results in something other than a real survey, and probably is no better than a “best guess.”  At any rate, it is not adhering to the rule of law to follow the original surveyor or the original survey.  Consequently, it likely constitutes either a breach of contract or a violation of one or more laws.


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