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Adverse Possession & Other Unwritten RightsAdverse Possession & Other Unwritten RightsThe legal system and unwritten rights, including adverse possession, acquiescence, estoppel, agreements and practical location are covered . Several case studies illustrate these topics.
Adverse Possession, Prescription & AcquiescenceAdverse Possession, Prescription & AcquiescenceThe class, presented by Author Kris Kline, begins with relevant historical background and moves quickly to current state-specific definitions for the elements of adverse possession. Specific topics include: the moment of title transfer; tacking; claims against or by the state; claims made under mistaken belief; effects of ordinances on adverse claims; rules for interruption of a claim; champerty; effect of a survey on a prescriptive claim. The seminar considers the lost grant theory and its influence on current rules for prescriptive easements.
This will be followed by a discussion of the origins of acquiescence, its many definitions, and the relationship between acquiescence and other unwritten rights. The primary focus of the class will be on North Carolina and Tennessee, with examples from adjoining states included for contrast and comparison.
Back on the Trail with Mack Brown, Maine GuideBack on the Trail with Mack Brown, Maine GuideMack Brown is back again in an all new set of stories - philosophizing and fishing as only the Maine Guide can! From the pen of Donald Wilson, here is the fourth book in the Mack Brown series, including all new adventures of the iconic Maine Guide whith his young friend, D.
Boundary Retracement Processes and ProceduresBoundary Retracement Processes and Procedures

The survey and the transference are the distinctive and operative acts in the transmission of real property and, where they differ from each other, one must of necessity control the other. This book addresses the aforementioned concepts by external explanations in order to understand the discrepancies between them. It also helps to avoid expensive and wasteful litigation over boundaries that were previously not in conflict and offers an extensive review of the law for boundary retracement, citing numerous case examples.

Boundary Retracement TerminologyBoundary Retracement Terminology
Boundary Retracement Using Modern ToolsBoundary Retracement Using Modern ToolsAn overview of surveyors duty and responsibility, retracement and resurvey, relative importance of conflicting elements, declination conversion, numerous valuable wesites on dendrochronology, fence history, common tree names, barbed wire, metal detectors, global positioning system, GPS, satellite surveying, geocaching and numerous case law citations.
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