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About SES

Surveyors Educational Seminars (SES) was founded in 1995 by Dr. Ben Buckner as a private continuing education program for Land Use Professionals. After several years of close friendship with Don and Christine Wilson, Ben passed control and management to the Wilsons, who operated SES until 2019.

Kris and Robyn Kline were first invited to join SES in 2016; Kris presented his first SES seminar in November 2017.


As the successors in SES to both Ben Buckner and Don Wilson, Robyn and I consider it our responsibility to continue the vision that they promoted for so many years.


“There is no ‘right,’ as a matter of ‘free enterprise,’ to engage in many professions and occupations because of the provisions of statutes which provide that only persons who are properly qualified, accredited and licensed by a board or commission established by statute may engage in those professions and occupations.” Oregon State Bar v. Smith: 942 P.2d 793 (1997)

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