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“land surveying…involves not only skill and knowledge, but certainly honesty, integrity and reliability. The products of land surveyors are cornerstones of titles and are relied upon by real estate purchasers, lenders and title insurers.”

Hyland v. Ponzio: 159 N.J. Super. 233 (1978)

Surveyors Educational Seminars (SES) is a private continuing education academy dedicated to providing the highest quality course material for licensed surveyors, engineers, surveying and engineering technicians, attorneys, paralegals and other land use professionals who use or apply surveying and mapping services.

"The truth is equal to one's initial observations plus corrections discovered through added experience or knowledge" -- Dr. Ben Buckner
Surveyors Educational Seminars is a division of 2Point, Inc.

Update Sept. 13 2023: Sign-ups for Fall classes are now open. We are expanding the number of courses available this year and the current brochure is now available to view or download at the bottom of this page.

All full-day courses are approved by the Tennessee Board of Examiners for this year's Fall schedule. Topics include: "Courtroom Preparation and Testimony" Tn. #1152; "When Not to Apply a Rule" Tn. #1084, also #1157; "Extinguishing a Way" Tn. 1083; "Deeds & Descriptions, Do's Don't's & 'Depends'"
Tn. #1153; "Prescriptive Easements" Tn. #1154; "Property Boundaries vs. Regulatory Authority" Tn. #1155

Fall Seminar Dates:
Germantown TN. Nov. 13-14;
Cleveland TN. Nov. 17-18; 
Weaverville NC. Dec. 7-8.
Zoom Classes Dec. 4-5, Dec. 11-12

A room block of discounted rooms is currently available for Cleveland TN. 
Link HERE for room rental Cleveland TN (Valid until October 20th, 2023) 

A room block of discounted rooms is also available for Weaverville, NC.
Link HERE for room rental Weaverville, NC (Valid until Nov. 5, 2023)

“Of course it is true that the words used, even in their literal sense, are the primary, and ordinarily the most reliable, source of interpreting the meaning of any writing: be it a statute, a contract, or anything else. 

But it is one of the surest indexes of a mature and developed jurisprudence not to make a fortress out of the dictionary…”

Judge Learned Hand: Cabell v. Markham: 148 F.2d 737 (1945)

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